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Sarah Young


My Story

My name is Sarah Young, and the name "Cali Girl Sarah" comes from the fact that I am native San Diegan, with a deep love for the SoCal lifestyle. A true Aquarius, I am an eternal optimist, with a loyal heart, creative soul, and earnest humanitarian outlook on life. On the flip-side, I feel stifled by rigidity, conformity, and the path most taken. Freedom to roam, space to think, and honest relationships are where I find my happy place.


With an explorative spirit and an unyielding inquisitive nature, the world at large calls my name. In travel, I enjoy finding the ties that bind humanity together, and the wonderful exceptions that carry us as unique individuals. I have a strong background in academia, with a Masters in History, and an immense curiosity for life-long learning. 


I am an historian, small business entrepreneur, self-taught graphic designer, photographer, aspiring writer, wife, and happy mom of two incredible kids. My aesthetic is simple, light-hearted, and inspired by my passions--family, friends, travel, history, mother nature, and kindness. I am currently working freelance and am always excited for the next project or challenge. Email me for inquiries, or just to say hi!


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect!


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